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​The manufacturing process of the glass candle jar

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The manufacture of glass Candle jars mainly includes the preparation of the compound, melting, molding, and annealing processes. The preparation of the compound includes the storage, weighing, mixing, and transport of the compound. It is required to have a homogeneous mix and a stable chemical composition. Next, let's take a look at the manufacturing process of the glass Candle jar. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Melting of Candle jar.

  • Forming of Candle jar.

  • Candle jar annealing process.

Melting of Candle jar.

The melting of Candle jars is mostly carried out in continuous operation flame kilns (glass melting kilns). Cross-flame kiln daily output is generally more than 200t, large up to 400 to 500t. Horseshoe-shaped flame kiln daily output of more than 200t or less. Glass melting temperature up to 1580 to 1600℃. Melting energy consumption accounts for about 70% of the total energy consumption in production. Can be through the pool kiln as one insulation, increase the capacity of the heat storage room lattice brick, improve the distribution of the material pile, improve the efficiency of combustion and control the convection of glass liquid, and other measures to effectively save energy. The bubbling in the melting pool improves the convection of the glass liquor, strengthens the clarification and homogenization process, and increases the discharge volume. The use of electric heating in flame kilns can increase production and improve quality without increasing the kiln.

Forming of Candle jar.

A Candle Jar is mainly molded, using the blow-blow method for smallmouth jars and the press-blow method for wide mouth jars. The control method is rarely used. Modern Candle jar production is a widely used automatic can-making machine for high-speed forming. This type of can-making machine has certain requirements for the weight, shape, and uniformity of the material drops, so the temperature in the supply tank is strictly controlled. There are many types of automatic can-making machines, of which the row type is more commonly used. This kind of can making machine material drops obey the can make machine, rather than the can making machine obeys the material drops, so there is no rotating part, the operation is safe, and any division can stop separately for maintenance without affecting the operation of other divisions. The row can make machine manufacturing cans can a wide range of flexibility, has been developed for 12 groups, double or triple drop material forming as well as for microcomputer control.

Candle jar annealing process.

A Candle jar is annealed to reduce the better stresses remaining in the glass to allowable values. Annealing is usually carried out in a mesh belt type continuous annealing furnace with annealing temperature limits of approximately 550 to 600°C. The mesh belt annealing furnace is heated by forced air circulation, which results in a uniform temperature distribution in the cross-section of the furnace chamber and the formation of an air curtain, which restricts the longitudinal airflow movement and ensures a uniform and stable temperature in all zones of the furnace.

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