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The history of the candle jar and the craft

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During the economic boom of the Tang and Song dynasties, people were more concerned about their taste in life and even everyday objects had to be made with exceptional delicacy, so the Candle jar was no longer just a household utensil, but also had more artistic qualities. This is why the Candle jar now has an artistic value. Let's take a look at the history of the Candle jar and the shape of the craft. Here are some answers.

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  •  The history of the Candle jar.

  •  An introduction to the craftsmanship of the Candle jar.

The history of the Candle jar.

During the Three Kingdoms period, there was a celadon Candle jar in the form of a recumbent sheep, and in the Western Jin dynasty a Candle jar in the form of a recumbent lion was popular; during the Southern dynasty, the Candle jar was richer in style, with lion-shaped, single, double, four-pipe and lotus-shaped versions, of which the tubular Candle jar was popular in the Fujian region, with a long stringed handle and an open bowl at the top of the handle, with a candle holder in the bowl. The bases of Candle jars from the Sui and Tang dynasties are often carved with exquisite floral motifs. Candle jars from the Ming dynasty are rich in form and have a high artistic value, including those made at the Jingdezhen kilns during the Yongle and Xuande periods, where the mouth and pedestal are octagonal and the neck is cylindrical. In the collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing, the Ming Zhengde official kiln-marked blue and white Arabic Candle jar is a tubular cylinder standing on a high pedestal plate, and the shape of the Candle jar from the Qing dynasty onwards is largely inherited from this style. Modern Candle jars are generally cylindrical.

An introduction to the craftsmanship of the Candle jar.

In ancient times, Candle jars were used to insert candles and to catch drips of wax oil. In simple terms, it is a tray with a pointed needle, but in more elaborate cases, it is cast in various crafted shapes. Smaller ones are placed on a table and can be moved around by hand, while larger ones are placed close to the floor, like a floor lamp, and several trays can be used to burn several candles at once. There are also many multi-layered candlesticks, which, when filled with candles, shine like silver flowers and fire trees. They are made of silver, copper, iron, pewter, wood, porcelain, and tile.

The Candle jar is forged, carved, painted, or molded with a variety of ornaments, making it a practical, crafty, ornamental, and decorative utensil. It is a practical, crafted, ornamental and decorative utensil. It is often the work of famous craftsmen of the past, with ingenuity and innovation in design and production techniques, and can be displayed and played with. They can be both displayed and played with, and because they are so common, there are a large number of them in existence, and their relatively low prices make them easy to invest in, making them suitable for the general public to collect.

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