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The development of the glass candle jar

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The glass candle jar was originally a candle holder and has evolved into a decorative piece. Let's take a look at the development of the glass candle jar and how it has changed. Here are some answers.

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l The glass candle jar is constantly improving and changing.

l The development of the glass candle jar style.

The glass candle jar is constantly improving and changing.

Looking at the evolution of the ancient glass candle jar, it is easy to see that it has undergone a succession of changes, from simplicity to sophistication, and a tendency towards a greater depth of function and aesthetic sophistication. Western Jin, a dynasty briefly unified after the division of the Three Kingdoms, is known for its high-temperature firing of celadon in imitation of bronze. The rapid development of the porcelain industry also led to a change in the material of the glass candle jar, with the traditional pottery, iron, and bronze jars gradually declining in popularity and being replaced by porcelain jars. At the same time, the fusion of ethnic groups and the continued introduction of Buddhism also subtly enriched the aesthetic connotations of the Western Jin celadon jar.

The most popular modern-day product is the glass candle jar, followed by the iron candle jar, which has been used extensively in modern times and remains in high demand. Through the use of specific treatments, we can make the most of the properties of glass and compensate for its disadvantages, without being constrained by its natural properties. Laminated glass, for example, not only insulates and keeps heat in but also prevents splinters from injuring people, making it safe and reliable.

The development of the glass candle jar style.

Before the 19th century, lamps made from "fire" as a light source, animal and vegetable oils, and candles were called ancient lamps. In terms of the development of lamps, ancient Chinese lamps include oil lamps of various materials, glass candle jars, and colored lamps. The glass candle jar has three basic styles in terms of the way it holds the candle: a hollow tube, a cavity, and a brazier. The first two styles are found in the Jin, Tang, and Song dynasties, the latter being more common in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

The glass candle jar has a long history. During the Three Kingdoms period, there were celadon candlesticks in the shape of a reclining sheep, and in the Western Jin dynasty the reclining lion-shaped candle was popular; during the Southern dynasty, the glass candle jar was richer in style, with lion-shaped, single-tube, double-tube, four-tube and lotus-shaped candles. The tubular glass candle jar was popular in the Fujian region, with a long stringed handle and an open bowl shape at the top of the handle, with a candle holder in the bowl. Glass candle jar bases from the Sui and Tang dynasties are often beautifully carved with floral motifs. The Ming dynasty glass candle jar is rich in form and has a high artistic value. Modern glass candle jars are available in a myriad of styles.

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