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Related DIY Tutorial Information for Candle Jars

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In life, many people like to DIY by themselves. To create an atmosphere, people usually get the environment they want by making various items. At this time, candle jars are a good choice. It can not only be used to hold the scented candles you need but also DIY into chandeliers, potted plants, etc. you want. Next, let's learn about DIY tutorial information about candle jars. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • DIY candle jar chandelier.

  • DIY candle jar vases.

DIY candle jar chandelier.

The tools and materials are really simple to make a candle jar chandelier. Not only do you need to have a glass candle jar that's big enough and pretty enough, but it also has to have a lid. You will also need a lamp base and bulb in a similar style to the bottle, as well as thick wire, a hammer, and nails. The production method is as follows. Start by punching a hole in the cap of the candle jar so you can install the light head. Then place the lamp head in the center of the bottle cap, use a pen to draw a circle along the lamp head to mark the punching position, and use a nail and a hammer to punch the hole. When installing the lamp head, you need to pay attention not to let the lamp head install. After installation, screw the can body and lid tightly. You can make several more candle jar chandeliers like this and hang them wherever you want.

DIY candle jar vases.

For a clear candle jar, nothing beats painting. The required materials and tools are as follows: glass candle jars, acrylic paint, rubbing alcohol, paper towels, and paintbrushes. The painting steps are as follows. Step 1, start by cleaning the glass jar. Wash them thoroughly and remove all labels and any residual glue. For extra sticky spots, you may want to try a citrus adhesive remover, then wash again to remove any grease. Wipe the outside of the jar with rubbing alcohol to prepare it for paint. Rubbing alcohol can also help remove the printed "best before" date. Step 2, start painting the jar with whatever design you like. Such as trees, leaves, polka dots, and other graphs. Step 3, add more details to fill out the design. For example, applying paint around a branch will form leaves, but the same style may also look like small buds or berries. Step 4, after all the paint has dried, the candle jar is ready to grow your favorite plants.

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