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Regular cleaning and use of the Glass Candle jar

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Glass Candle jars are jars of candles, or Glass Candle jars that can be lit directly, and are used in modern life to decorate the home and set the mood, for example for candlelit dinners. Do you know how to clean a glass candle jar? And how to use it? Let's take a look at the key points for regular cleaning and use of the Candle jar. Here are some answers.

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l Clean the Glass Candle jar regularly.

l A brief introduction to the use of the Glass Candle jar.

Clean the Glass Candle jar regularly.

There are two common ways of cleaning the Candle jar. The first is the freezer cleaning method. Place the burnt Candle jar in the freezer and freeze it, then remove it and remove the wax by pounding it with a table knife. The second method is the boiling water method: pour boiling water into the jar and remove the remaining wax. Periodically, wipe the shell of the Glass Candle jar clean with a rag or paper towel dampened with water. The scented candle inside can also be gently wiped away with a paper towel if it becomes dusty. It should be cleaned regularly to avoid excessive dust that is difficult to handle. Also, cover the candle with a plastic bag or plastic wrap when not in use to reduce exposure to air and dust.

A brief introduction to the use of the Glass Candle jar.

A Glass Candle jar is suitable for use on the dining table as the candlelight adds romance and is a favorite of women. Glass Candle jars can also be used in spaces such as bathrooms, offices, psychotherapy rooms, etc. A Candle jar can be given as a housewarming gift, business gift, birthday gift, sympathy for illness, etc.

Using different scented candles in the same space at the same time should be avoided. If mixed with other scents, strange combinations of scents may be created, so it is recommended to use one scent in the same space after it has been used and aired out, before using another scent. To use, remove the candle from the box and place it in the Glass Candle jar. A burning candle jar can be hot, so extinguish it and leave it to cool before moving. To avoid fire, please use it when people are around.

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