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New Uses for Old Candle Jars

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After the scented candle burns, you will be left with a beautiful candle jar. After cleaning, the candle jar can be used again. Next, let's take a look at new uses for old candle jars. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • For decorative items.

  • For kitchen storage.

  • For bathroom storage.

  • For desktop storage.

For decorative items.

The appearance of candle jars is generally high in appearance, and the shape is also very individual. So it is a good item for decoration. Washed candle jars can be filled with flowers and used as small vases. It will be very eye-catching when placed in the living room and balcony for decoration. Candle jars can also be used as change storage jars in your home, adding a unique touch of color to your home.

For kitchen storage.

Clean candle jars can be used as snack jars. Pack loose candies together, or keep small snacks such as cookies together for easy access. Candle jars with lids can be used for bulk tea or coffee powder storage. To a great extent, it is convenient for people to find tea and coffee at home. Candle jars can also be reused as drinking glasses or special cocktail glasses to enrich people's life.

For bathroom storage.

Putting a candle jar on the bathroom vanity as a toothbrush and toothpaste holder has a strong viewability. In life, candle jars can not only be used as containers for storing makeup brushes, lipsticks, eyeliners and mascara, and other cosmetic products, but also as hair accessories storage containers to store hair bands, hair clips, etc. Other toiletries, including cotton balls, cotton pads, or cotton swabs, can also be stored in candle jars, keeping items in the home neatly organized and not cluttered and scattered everywhere.

For desktop storage.

When you are writing or working, you will feel irritable when you see pens scattered on the desktop. But if you use the used candle jar as a pen holder, you can not only put all the pens in a pen holder but also continue to appreciate the artistic candle jar, which will inevitably make you feel happy. Old candle jars also store small items like paper clips, staples, tape, rubber bands, and more, keeping them neat on the table and easily accessible when needed.

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