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How to recycle candle containers

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After many people buy the candles in the candle container, when the candle burns, the candle container seems to be useless. However, the candle container can actually be used repeatedly, whether it is used as a storage container or refilling the candle, it will give the candle container a new mission. Do you know how to recycle candle containers?

Here is the list of the article:

  • Can the candle container be used to drink water?

  • How else can candle container be used?

  • How to make candles by hand?

Can the candle container be used to drink water?

Most of the candle containers are exquisite in workmanship, so some people want to recycle the candle containers and use them as water cups after the candles are burned out. Can the candle container be used as a water cup? Generally speaking, candle containers cannot be used as water cups, because the material of glass water cups is food-grade, and the glass used for candle containers is not lead-free glass in most occasions. Although the washed candle container looks very clean, the toxic substances in the lead-free glass may dissolve in water, thus endangering human health. You’d better not to use the candle container as a water cup.

How else can the candle container be used?

The shape of the candle container is diverse and can be used according to its shape. For example, the candle container can be used as a pencil case. The exquisite candle container is used as a pencil case. It is not only a good storage container, but also can add style to your desk. In addition, the candle container can also be used as a flower pot. Some candle containers have a smaller height and a larger diameter, which are suitable for planting succulents. Succulents can grow easily, and their size is also small, so using candle containers to grow succulents is a good choice. Putting the candle containers planted with succulents on the window sill will make the atmosphere at home more comfortable.

How to make candles by hand?

In addition to the above uses, the candle container can also be refilled with homemade candles after the original candles are burned out. How to make a candle? Here are the steps to make your own candle:

(1) Purchase sufficient amount of paraffin wax, beeswax or scented wax.

(2) Use a double boiler to heat the wax to the point where it can be poured.

(3) Stick a long enough candle wick to the bottom of the glass jar, wrap a pen or pencil on the wick, and then place the pen on the jar horizontally to ensure that the wick can be perpendicular to the bottom of the glass jar.

(4) Keep the top candle wick still, and slowly pour the melted wax into it so that the wax reaches three-quarters of the volume of the glass.

(5) After the wax in the glass is solidified, continue to pour the remaining 1/4 of the wax.

(6) After the wax has solidified, it can be used as a normal candle.

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