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How to maintain the candle jar

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The candle jar refers to a jar specially filled with candles. Some shaped candle jars can be directly lit and used, which greatly facilitates people's lives. Candle jars have a beautiful appearance and with the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for candle jars is also increasing year by year. Candle jars are not disposable items and some candle jars can be used repeatedly to protect the environment. In order to help you maintain the candle jar efficiently, I’d like to expand on the ways to maintain and wash candle jars.

Here is the list of the article:

  • How to maintain the candle jar?

  • What are the types of candle jars?

  • How to clean the leftover candle cup?

How to maintain the candle jar?

1. The shape of the candle jar must be square and not inclined, otherwise the wax will flow out during use.

2. When the candle is almost burnt, please do not let the candle continue to burn, otherwise it will cause the candle jar to be deformed.

3. The jar containing the candle can’t be used directly as a candle pad, let alone let the candle burn until it is extinguished.

4. When extinguishing the candle jar, do not use the lid directly, it is best to blow out the flame and then close the lid.

What are the types of candle jars?

Candle jars can be divided into formed candle jars and storage jars.

Generally speaking, the raw materials for forming candle jars are metal materials, which are characterized by durability and easy storage

There are generally no major restrictions on the raw materials for making candles. They can be made of plastic candles, metal candles, and wooden candles.

How to clean the leftover scented candle cup?

(1) Put the hot boiled water for a period of time, wait for the water temperature to drop a little, then slowly pour the water into the cup, at this time the wax starts to float. If the room temperature is low (especially in winter), do not pour hot water into the candle cup immediately, otherwise the candle cup will easily crack.

(2) Let it stand for a while, and it will take about 2 hours for the wax block to float to the surface of the water and solidify.

(3) After the wax block is solidified, the wax block can be directly taken out by hand.

(4) Use a butter knife to pry out the candle wick holder at the bottom of the cup. In order to facilitate the removal of the wick holder, you can add some hot water to melt the glue.

(4) Wipe off the wax remaining in the candle cup with a paper towel, and then carefully clean the inside of the candle cup with dish soap.

In addition, the removed residual wax blocks can be packed in small dishes, and then placed in the shoe cabinet to deodorize. The candle cup can be used as a storage container to put flowers, change, makeup pens, etc.

Note that any candles in a cup should not burn to the end, because dry burning will easily crack the candle cup, which is not safe. In most cases, when the candle in the candle cup is still at the height of a finger (1cm), you can stop using it.

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