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How to clean the candle cup?

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When the candle in the candle cup burns, how to deal with the remaining candle cup? Regardless of whether it is reused or given a new purpose to the candle cup, the residual wax in the candle jar must be removed first. Do you know any method of cleaning wax? I will introduce you to the method of removing wax by freezing so that you can make better use of the candle jar.

Here is the list of the article:

l How to handle the candle cup before putting it in the refrigerator?

l How long does the candle cup need to be kept in the refrigerator?

l What should I do with the candle cups taken out of the refrigerator?

How to handle the candle cup before putting it in the refrigerator?

(1) Take a candle cup suitable for freezing. When there is only a small amount of paraffin at the bottom of the cup, the effect of freezing the wax is most obvious. In addition, this method also requires that the wick does not stick to the bottom of the cup. If there is a candle wick stuck to the bottom of the cup, the paraffin will not be completely clean. You can try the boiling water dewaxing described later.

(2) Many candle cups have narrow openings, so when you want to take out the wax, the wax block is easy to get stuck in the mouth of the bottle. The solution to this problem is to poke the wax into pieces with a butter knife. Frozen wax will become smaller pieces. Small pieces of wax are easier to pull out of the cup than large pieces of wax. You can also use this method to remove wax in candlesticks with special shapes.

How long does the candle cup need to be kept in the refrigerator?

Put the glass in the refrigerator to freeze. You need to put the candle cup in the freezer area until the wax freezes hard. This process can take as little as 20 to 30 minutes, and as long as several hours. Place the cup firmly and don't let it tip over. When water freezes, its volume increases, while wax shrinks. In other words, the wax will fall off the surface of the glass.

What should I do with the candle cups taken out of the refrigerator?

(1) Take out the candle cup from the refrigerator. When the wax is hard, remove the candle cup. Press firmly on one corner of the wax block to check whether the paraffin is frozen. If the wax becomes loose after pressing, it means that the wax block has been frozen and can be taken out.

(2) Pour the wax out of the cup. Turn the candle jar upside down and the wax lumps will fall out. If it does not fall, you can pick up the cup and tap it on the table a few times. You can also insert a butter knife between the wax block and the glass and press the handle to pry the wax block out.

(3) Remove the candle wick holder. If the wick holder is still stuck to the bottom of the candle jar, just insert the tip of the butter knife under the wick holder, and then gently press the handle, the wick holder will be pried open.

(4) Remove residual wax. At this time, there may be some scattered wax sticking to the cup. You can try to scrape off the remaining wax with a butter knife, wash off the wax with detergent and water, or wipe off the wax with a cloth soaked in baby oil.

(5) Reuse candle cups. Now you can reinsert the candle wick into the cup and pour new paraffin wax. You can also slightly decorate the cup for pens, cutlery, or other items.

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