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How many kinds of candle jars are there in our company?

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Some scented candle has a calming effect, so many people who have been in contact with scented candles are willing to repurchase scented candles repeatedly. Some people even make scented candles at home. Compared with the candle cups produced on the production line of a qualified factory, what are some things to pay attention to when making scented candles by yourself?

Here is the list of the article:

l What should we pay attention to when choosing a candle cup?

l What should we pay attention to when I use scented candles for the first time?

l Are there any other considerations?

What should we pay attention to when choosing a candle cup?

Different grades of raw materials, different weights, and different processes of glass are indeed heated differently. However, if it is a container for scented candles, related tests have generally been done during the development and design. If there is a burst, it will generally not be put into production, so the candle cups that can be put on the shelf are theoretically safe. It is best not to use drinking glasses, you can choose to go to a regular company to buy ceramic candle cups, glass candle cups or candle cups of other materials. Our company can supply high-quality candle cups for you.

What should we pay attention to when using scented candles for the first time?

To make scented candles burn beautifully, when burning for the first time, the candles on the surface layer must be completely melted to form a flat wax pool before being extinguished, so as to minimize the appearance of memory holes. Because the candle has a memory, if it is not burned according to the above method for the first time, every time it is burned to the place where it was extinguished, the candle will remember that place and will not burn out. After a long time, it will become an ugly Hole. Therefore, as long as the complete wax pool is burned out for the first time, the surface of the scented candle will be flat if you want to burn it in the future.

Are there any other considerations?

(1) Don't think that the candle wick will slowly turn to gray with the fire. It is necessary to trim the candle wick every time you light a candle. A long candle wick will cause the flame to be too high, and will accelerate the consumption of the candle. If the heating is not uniform, it will emit black smoke and blacken the candle wall. Trim the wick to 3 to 5 mm before lighting it.

(2) If the candle is blown out with the mouth, dense smoke will be produced. Special tools can be used to extinguish the candles. If not, you can also use stainless steel chopsticks or tweezers to gently poke the candle wick into the wax liquid. The flame will be extinguished immediately without producing smoke. Remember to straighten the candle wick.

(3) Do not use ordinary lighters to light candles, because it is easy to burn to your hand, and when the candle burns deeper, the lighter will generally not be able to reach it.

If you are interested in making candles by yourself, please come to our company to buy professional candle cups to ensure your safety. We promise that the candle cups that we provide are of high quality.





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