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Do you know these skills about candle cup?

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With the popularity of electric lights, our demand for the lighting function of candles has become very small, but sometimes we still need to use candles. For example, the light of candles is very warm, we can use candles at banquets. In addition, scented candles are also good for our body and mind. Let me introduce some knowledge about candles so that you can make better use of candles.

Here is the list of the article:

l What should we do if the candle leaves the candle cup?

l How to put out the candle?

l What is the function of the candle cup lid?

What should we do if the candle leaves the candle cup?

The main reason why the candle leaves the candle cup is temperature. Aroma candles are the easiest to take off in winter, so you can soak the candle cup with warm water before filling the candle. After wiping the candle cup, you can also add a layer of heat preservation to the outside of the candle cup, such as tin foil, so that the problem of cup removal can be avoided. However, as the temperature drops, even the filled scented candles may fall off the candle cup, especially candles made of pure soy wax, coconut wax, etc. However, it does not affect the use of the candle but just slightly affects the appearance.

How to put out the candle?

There are two ways to extinguish the candles?

1) When you can't find the lid that matches the candle cup, you can use other larger glassware to cover the cup to make the scented candle go out. The principle of this extinguishing method is to isolate oxygen to prevent the candle from continuing to burn.

2) Use a candle extinguisher or toothpick wire to push the candle wick into the wax liquid to extinguish, and then quickly correct it. After the candle is extinguished, the wick can be trimmed to facilitate the next use. When trimming, you only need to use an ordinary trimmer to trim off the excess black part.

What is the function of the candle cup lid?

Candle cup lids can be divided into wooden lid, iron lid, aluminum lid, zinc alloy lid. If the candle is stored for a long time, it is easy to sublime into the air, and the candle cup lids can delay the sublimation of the candle. The cover of the candle cup not only protects the candle from being contaminated with sparks to burn, but also helps preserve the quality of the candle. In addition, the candle cup lid can help extinguish the candle. Candles cannot be burned for too long at a time. Properly burning scented candles can help us relax. Excessive burning of candles may be harmful to health. Therefore, it is necessary to extinguish scented candles with candle cup lids in time. In addition, the lid of the candle cup is matched with the candle cup. The complete set of the candle cup is not only beautiful in appearance, but also convenient for storing candles.

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