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Candle jar surface treatment and processing and quality standards

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A Candle jar is inspected to detect defects and to ensure the quality of the product. The former includes bubbles, stones, streaks, and color irregularities. The latter are cracks, uneven thickness, distortion, cold spots, wrinkles, etc. In addition, Candle jar weight, capacity, mouth, and body dimensional tolerances, resistance to internal stress, thermal shock, and stress clean-up are also checked. Next, we take a look at the surface treatment and processing of Candle jars and quality standards. Here are some answers.

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  • Candle jar finishes and processing.

  • Quality standards for Candle jar.

Candle jar finishes and processing.

The surface treatment and processing of the Candle jar are generally carried out by coating the hot and cold ends of the glass jar in an annealing furnace. The hot end coating is a process whereby the cans, which are in a hot state (500 to 600°C) after forming, are placed in an environment of vaporized tin tetrachloride, titanium tetrachloride, or butyl tin tetrachloride, so that these metal compounds are oxidized to oxide films on the hot surface of the cans to fill in microcracks on the surface of the glass and to prevent the formation of microcracks on the surface and to improve the mechanical strength of the glass cans. Cold end coating is used with single stearate, oleic acid, polyethylene emulsion, silicone or silane, etc., at the exit of the annealing furnace on the surface of the can at a temperature of about 100 to 150 ℃ to form a lubricious film to improve the surface of the can anti-wear, lubricity and impact strength. The cold end coating is often used in combination with the hot end coating in production.

Quality standards for Candle jar.

Quality requirements Candle jar should have certain properties and meet certain quality standards. Firstly, the quality of the glass should be pure and homogeneous, with no grit, streaks, bubbles, or other drawbacks. Colorless glass has high transparency; color glass has a uniform and stable color and can absorb certain wavelengths of light energy. Secondly, a Candle jar is required to have certain chemical stability and not interact with candles. It has certain shock resistance and mechanical strength, can withstand the heating and cooling processes such as washing and sterilization and withstand filling and storage and can remain undamaged when encountering general internal and external stresses, vibrations, and shocks. Thirdly, a Candle jar is required to maintain a certain capacity, weight, and shape, with even wall thickness, and a rounded and flat mouth to ensure convenient filling and good sealing. There are no distortions, surface irregularities, unevenness, or cracks.

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