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Candle jar cleaning steps, and notes

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Those of you who like to buy scented candles should almost always be Candle jar lovers, and you don't want to throw away those high-value Candle jars when they are finished. I find myself looking forward to burning them all, cleaning the jars, and reusing them. Today I am sharing my Candle jar cleaning steps, and notes with you. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Here are the steps to clean the Candle jar using the boiling water cleaning method.

  • Precautions when cleaning the Candle jar.

Here are the steps to clean the Candle jar using the boiling water cleaning method.

Removing candle remnants

Let the candle burn on its own until the end, i.e. the center is completely burnt out. Boil some boiling water and pour it directly into the Candle jar. You can do the same with previously burned Candle jars where the wax has cooled. The boiling water will slowly melt away the remaining wax and it will slowly float to the surface like oil. Slowly wait for the floating wax to cool down, cure, and then pick it out of the Candle jar by hand. Once the wax has been removed, pour out the water from the jar. There will be some wall wax inside, which can be wiped out of the Candle jar with a sterilized paper towel containing alcohol.

Removing the wick

The metal base of the wick is usually glued to the bottom of the Candle jar and can usually be removed directly with tweezers after adding boiling water. If this is not possible, you can clean the wax residue and then add some boiling water to cover the glass base. Let the boiling water soften the glue and then clip it out with tweezers. You can also use a hairdryer to blow directly on the bottom of the Candle jar to soften the glue with hot air and then remove the base with tweezers.

Precautions when cleaning the Candle jar.

As boiling water is used, it is important to be safe and it is best to wear gloves when working with the Candle jar and placing it in the sink. The residual wax inside the Candle jar can also be cleaned with detergent and hot water, but alcohol wipes will clean it more thoroughly and remove the black stain from the blackened jar. If you are using the freezing method first and then want to add boiling water to remove the wick, make sure you wait until the jar comes back to room temperature before adding water, otherwise thermal expansion and contraction can easily cause the jar to crack. If you have a lot of empty jars in your house, try digging out your Candle jar stash!

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