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Jessli has over 8 years experiences in manufacturing and exporting custom candle jars.

Jessli Custom Candle Jar

Jessli Homewares has more than 8 years of manufacturing experience and export destinations. Our goals are to provide our customers with excellent customer service; offer good quality products at affordable prices; and meet customers' various functional requirements for customized glass candle jar and glassware products, such as color、shape、size, logo of the glass jar or material (epoxy candle jar). We thrive on customer satisfaction, product quality and price affordability.

Candle Jar Decorating Ideas
Jar candles have become the centerpiece in many important events in our lives: at baptisms, birthday parties, festive gatherings, weddings, romantic and fine dining, restaurants, New Year’s celebrations, any other celebrations, in the spas, and also at funerals.

Depending on the type of use, the design of the candle jars can be different. For household use, candle jars go for a simpler and stylish design. The use of scented candles creates a relaxing sensation in the bedrooms and helps to calm the mind before and during your sleep. The natural scent combined with the warm light creates a beautiful and intimate atmosphere in your lovely home where your loved ones enjoy the moments with you. Also, candle jar could use for home decoration. During festive seasons, friends and relatives buy candle jars as gifts for others.​​​​​​​
Tea lights are small and delicate. They are usually in circular containers. They are tiny candles that fill a fitted plastic, metal, or glass cup and burn inside their containers without leaving any residue or needing any candleholders to keep them stable and clean. Tea lights create a romantic and magical atmosphere at your wedding — whether you put them out on their own, pair them with a stylish collection of candleholders to set them at varying heights on your tables, or string them up around the room in lanterns. The tea lights can be used for weddings、 birthdays celebrations、 the festive season and many other parties.​​​​​​​
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Why Should You Trust Jessli?
We are a professional candle jar manufacturer, we focus on the luxury candle jar、essential oil bottles、 and safety matches industry. Jessli cooperate with overseas candle jar for sale importer、wholesaler、distributor、big retail, and agent. All of our products are processed in the dust-free production plant to ensure the quality and the healthiness of the product.
Jessli has an R & D team that is capable of transforming the customer designs or ideas into products that can be made economically. Our craft team provides professional technical support to customers during the designing stage. Our goals are to attain first-class design, high-quality products and services, and affordable prices for our products.
We are capable of supporting product customization and personalization to deliver our customized products to the customers as per their needs and desire. We support the customers with valuable solutions and marketing information; and together with possible low MOQ, to help small and medium businesses to grow big.
Candle Jar Processing Technologies
Jessli Homewares' candle jar factory covers over 28,000 square meters and is installed with advanced equipment and a dust-free production plant. Our advanced technological processes include ion coating, laser carving, plating machine, internal plating, silk-screen printing, hand painting machine, decal, gold stamping, color spraying, UV printing, sand-blasting.​​​​​​​
Our in-house professional design team has a good understanding of the production processes and design and has the capability to make customized products based on shape and dimensions according to the customer requirements.

Being a highly responsible manufacturer, our QC & QA department implements strict quality control during the production process which will enable our customers to buy and use our products with confidence.​​​​​​​
Jessli Candle Jar Service

Why Choose Jessli As Your Partner?

We are a professional candle jar manufacturer that produces high quality products that meet the highest standard specifications and we ensure that the final products meet your needs and requirements.
We offer quick response time to customer inquiries with our 24-hour online customer service support to assist and resolve your issues. We work with various logistics and shipping companies to ensure your candle jar is delivered on time and at lower delivery rates.

We are OEM/ODM supplier that makes personalized candle jar customization services such as Logo、Color、 Packaging、Lid、Size、Surface and so on, at competitive Pricing, help customers to save money, time and effort.

Our responsibility doesn’t stop after the products are delivered to our customers. After-sales helpline which offers dedicated support for any product-related matters. There is escalating report process where a customer can seek to resolve disputes or product issues.

Free samples are available, please contact us for any information or request for samples.
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